Frequently asked questions

How much can I earn when selling my gold?

Gold value varies day-to-day. Cash For Old Gold buys your gold based on weight and karat. Our experienced staff members will determine the purity of your items, using industry standard equipment, to calculate the total value.

If you know roughly the weight and purity of your gold items, you can work out a close estimate by using our pricing table on the right. These prices are updated on a daily basis.

How do I get paid?

Our standard payment methods are Cash, Bank Deposit, Australia Post Money Order and Bank or Business Cheque.

How difficult is it to get into the city during the day?

The CBD is often not very busy traffic wise outside of the regular rush hours, from about 10:30am to 3:30pm traffic flows well and is no different to the traffic you would find in any other inner Melbourne suburb. Many of our customers travel into the CBD by car to sell to us without encountering any problems, our office is located very close to low cost parking which will make your visit even easier, for more information on our location, please visit our Location Page.

What colours of gold do you purchase?

We purchase all colours of gold. When you receive cash for gold the value is based on fineness (carat value) of the gold, not the colour.

Iíve just paid $2000 for a bracelet from a retail shop and the value of gold has gone up since then. Will I get more for it?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Because youíve purchased your gold jewellery from a retail store, at retail prices, the price youíve paid is not solely based on the value of gold but the design, manufacturing, transportation, staff wages, store rental and so on. This means the price you pay for new jewellery in retail stores is inflated well over the actual gold value alone.

Do you sell gold?

We have a range of Gold and Silver Bullion available for sale at very competitive prices, if you are interested in buying Gold or Silver Bullion please feel free to visit us in store, where you can view our range and purchase in person. For more information on our Gold and Silver Bullion, you are welcome to call us.

We do not sell any jewellery, the gold jewellery we purchase is most often well used, scratched, broken or out of style. All jewellery purchased is melted down and recycled.