A wise investment for large Self Managed Super Funds.

Low Premium Gold & Silver Bullion Investment Rates for bulk purchases.

SMSF Physical Gold Holdings

Protect your wealth and savings by owning gold and silver in your Self Managed Super Fund.

If you have a Self Managed Super Fund you can utilise these funds to purchase gold and silver bullion. Cash For Old Gold offer a wide variety of products to meet your SMSF investment needs.

Our most common SMSF bullion options are:

• Physical Gold Bullion: 1oz to 1kg gold bars.
• Physical Silver Bullion: 1 kilogram to 5 kilogram silver bars.
• Pool Allocated Bullion: All weights and metals available with 24/7 online trading.
• Bullion Storage: We can securely store any amount of bullion you require.

Gold and silver serve as an excellent hedge against inflation and asset protection, especially in difficult volatile times such as we are seeing now in the current day.

For our online services, once you are signed up to our online investor centre you can sign in to view and manage your storage items, along with access to 24/7 trading in pooled allocated bullion. Our pool allocated bullion prices offer highly competitive rates and flexibility.

Our online investor centre also provides you with all the required reporting requirements for June 30 and meets all ATO definitions for gold and silver storage.

Cash For Old Gold only offer bullion from leading Australian and International gold bullion brands. We can also buy back any bullion products owned by your super fund that you wish to sell.

So, why not look at investing your super fund money in gold and silver? Speak to one of our expert consultants today who can guide you through this process and protect your wealth and savings.

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